Jennie Lindberg

Jennie has worked in social services/non profit for over 30 years, in both counseling and administration. She is a marriage and family therapist and a chemical dependency counselor. She has always been fascinated by how our quality of life can improve through our improved relationships with one another. She is also intently following research on aging that indicates one of the more influenceable factors in aging well is developing and maintaining strong social support. She has two other major passions in life: environmental activism and growing and cooking organic food. She and her husband, Dean Smith, were co-founders of the local environmental activist group 350 Everett. The have been influenceable in the city of Everett and Snohomish county in stopping oil export terminals and implementing a single-use plastic bag ban. “Cohousing brings my passions together in a beautiful way: I get to develop a beautiful network of the most wonderful group of friends I can imagine. We can work together in our organic garden and produce food that nourishes our souls as well as our bodies. And by living this way we reduce our carbon footprint, and are a model for how a group of people can live collaboratively and happily together."
Dean Smith